Story Shares presents...

The 2018

Story of the Year Contest

Tell your story. Change someone else's.

This contest is all about creating more book choices for the millions of readers who need them. It’s a writing contest with a mission! We are looking for short books, stories, and passages, that are written for pre-teens through adults (anyone 10 and up) with straightforward, approachable language.

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Launching April 2!

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A Sneak Peak of What's to Come!

Award Categories

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Diversity grand prize

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Character Story Prize

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Start brainstorming your submission now!


It comes down to a few key principles:

  • Fewer words. Short chapters. Direct sentences. Familiar vocabulary. Less abstract and flowery language.

And yet…

  • Thought-provoking themes. Complex teen & adult characters. Intriguing dilemmas. Culturally relevant contexts.

*chance to win cash prizes!

*chance to get published: every submission that meets our standards for quality and content will be published in our digital library, where they will reach students far and wide

*chance to make a difference: join a growing community of writers who are rising to meet a massive need, of over 750 MILLION teens and adults around the world